Beat the Crazy Spring Market–Buy or Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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You may be gearing up for the busy holiday season – hanging decorations, buying gifts, baking cookies — but may think that buying or selling a home right now is not good timing.  Think again!

Although the more traditional approach of real estate would dictate that you put your plans to buy or sell aside until the Spring, you can be successful in buying or selling during the holidays if you have the right approach.

Inventory is a bit lower this time of year, however, that can work to your advantage if you are a determined buyer or seller!

Here’s why:

1.)  There are fewer buyers out there.  Many buyers think that the holiday season is not a good time to buy a home so they pull back and don’t stay on top of what’s happening in the market.  That means less competition for those buyers who are serious about finding a home now.  

For sellers, the buyers that are actively looking for a home are serious—willing to do what it takes to get a home before Spring. They could be transferring to a job in the area or moving for another specific reason that can’t be delayed. All of these factors could mean a quick, easy sale for you.

2.)  There are fewer homes on the market.  Many sellers who are not as serious about selling take their homes off the market or delay listing their property all together until the Spring. So any home for sale now will get attention and stand out on real estate listings.  

For buyers, there may be fewer homes on the market but what homes you see WANT to be sold.  This means good deals can be had.

3.) Homes and neighborhoods can feel cozier and more cheerful.  ‘Tis the season homes look their best, with beautiful trees, holiday lights, and crackling fires. Sellers should take advantage of that little perk since buyers will want to linger and start to feel at home!  

Buyers get a true sense of a neighborhood and home over the holidays.  Who doesn’t want to picture their own traditions in a home?

Some important points to keep in mind: Because of crazy holiday schedules and fewer open houses, online photos become even more important.  Sellers should make sure that their professional digital photos show the best features to increase the chances of making it onto buyers ‘must see’ list!

Buyers need to be organized with their time and schedule their appointments around holiday events. Looking at homes still needs to be a priority.

As you can see, the holiday season can be a great time for both selling and buying a home when you have the right approach and mind set. Make the most of it before the busy Spring season and more competition comes into the market.

If you’ve been thinking of buying or selling, I’d love to hear from you.  I’d love to share more insights on how I help clients this time of year, especially my off-market plan to find homes that aren’t even available to the public yet.  More than any other time of the year, this season is ripe for an off market sale and I’ll show you how.  

Email me and I’ll tell you all about it!  

Happy Holidays!

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