Local Programs Make Planting a Tree Easy & Inexpensive

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In this 3-part series, Greening Your Home, you’ll learn ways to make your home more energy-efficient while also saving you money in the long run. Caring about the environment and being “green” can be easier than you think as a homeowner. You can start today!

Here’s the final article and it’s all about how to plant trees in your yard (or common yard if you’re in a condo) for much less money.

Did you know that by adding a tree to your yard, you can increase your property value and save on energy costs?

But maybe the cost or your lack of a green thumb is holding you off.

No worries since there are some great programs in the DMV area that can help!

Why Trees Help Your Home

  • Trees boost curb appeal. The presence of larger trees in yards and as street trees can add 3 to 15 percent to home values throughout neighborhoods.
  • Trees can shade buildings, windows and air-conditioning units. Homes with well-situated trees can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and save 20 to 50 percent in heating costs.
  • Trees can help with water drainage.

Keep a look out for any local community tree programs that might offer reduced-priced trees native to your area. Sometimes these events can be held once a year and include help with planting and how-to’s on tree care. 

Here are some that I’ve found:

Brighton Tree Program allows you to purchase 2 trees of species that do well in Brighton’s climate for $75 each.

The Colorado Tree Coalition has plenty of amazing information about trees as well.

Many groups are concerned with the tree canopy in certain neighborhoods and want to help homeowners plant trees.

Happy planting!

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